Sunday, January 18, 2009


Answers to Jackie's questions about the dog sled trip. Yes, you make a reservation ahead of time. Then, we went to a small parking lot near the Great Divide cross county ski trail. There, we met up with the dog trainers and their sled and met each of the dogs who would be pulling our sled. These dogs are so wired for working, that when you get to the parking lot, they are barking their heads off to get going down the trail! The guides are guys who have devoted their lives to their teams of dogs. We rode in the sled for the first half of the trip. Then when we stopped for these photos, our guide asked if either of us wanted to drive the sled. And there I was jumping out of my pouch!
Then the excitement accelerates! To 'drive' the sled, I stood on one of the back sled runners with one foot ahead of the other (with the guide on the other runner) and then rode like the wind! And yes, certainly with the sharp cold wind in my face as we raced along across the Great Divide!


Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

Woohoo!!!! That's all I can think. It must have been such a rush.

Char said...

that would have been SOOOOO exciting to me. I love that they love their dogs and the dogs have such joy in their "job"

Jackie said...

Well, of all the things I've never heard of. So it's kind of like river rafting with a guide in the boat. It's probably good that they just don't send you off on your own. You might have ended up in the North Pole! This seems much more eco friendly than snow mobiling. And bravo for you for jumping in there and adding it to your list of things you have done! How many people can say they have driven a dog sled?