Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why would I join the Flare Friday group you ask?

I think my days with the Flare Friday group on Flickr are over for a few dreary months! There was not even a peek of the sun yesterday. I know because I have this persimmon waiting to have it's photo taken, but I need a glimpse of sunshine for a photo!
Through this group, I have learned to point the camera right towards the sun and look for that flare that many photographers work hard to avoid. Take a look at the photos in this group for some sunny inspiration.


a said...

strange that we both decided to give it a go with this texture stuff; ) actually You and Jenn where my inspiration for wanting to give it a go...I think my first one the roses was a bit heavy handed...I need to tone it down, and the colors too on a few of them (saturated the heck out of those leaves) I think it's due to the gray weather lately, I want color, but sometimes I overload! Thanks chica!

painted fish studio said...

i hear ya. we have been grey, grey, grey for the entire week. and more grey is expected for the next few days. i miss the sun!

Anonymous said...

Today was pretty though!!
I think we should try and start a raindrop group or something, lol. It's the only way we are going to get through a PNW winter.

leaca said...

gorgeous flare shots.

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

I agree. It's something I used to avoid like the plague and now I'm having fun trying to capture that very same flair. You've had some great successes with your flairs. I know the gray season is upon us but I bet you'll find a few flair days.