Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Great Aunt Martha

I love being Great Aunt Martha. And it amuses me that 'Great Aunt Martha' sounds like I am really an old woman,... maybe a dear friend of Aunt Bea's on the Andy Griffith Show!
I do know that I have an odd sense of humor. This photo absolutely tickled my funny bone this week! I gotta go look at it again now! Check it out!


ELK said...

your images are yummy~enjoy your day Auntie!

andie said...

Heehee, you are so funny! You know though, I don't think I've actually even seen a pic of you!

Love this collage, warm, yummy, earthy colors. Beautiful!

Love ya,
P.S Mackville roads pic WAS so cute. Love little piggies.

painted fish studio said...

yay for pigs! i needed that, after just seeing an article about their inhumane treatment that brought tears to my eyes..

yay for great aunts!

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

Those pigs crack me up just like you do. I think Great Aunt Martha sounds adorable. Say hi to Aunt Bea for me!

BatSpit said...

that blue pumpkin is to die for.

Jackie said...

greetings Great Aunt Martha - sounds like the name for a biscuit mix. Love your pictures as usual, and giggled at Mackville's pig picture too!

Sew Fab Martha said...

You have to go way back to March 15th to see Sew Fab Martha!