Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One hundred posts in one year

And to complete my trifecta, I also had 1000 views on my Flickr photostream this week! 1, 100, 1000! I started this blog a year ago thinking I wanted a cyber scrapbook to document the quilts I have made. That is why I chose the name sew fab martha, .... There hasn't been as much sewing going on around here. But the sewing machine still sits on the dining room table and gets occasional attention. Lately, ... the Nikon reigns over the Pfaff! The resurgence of my love of photography has really taken off, as demonstrated by my new Nikon, the vintage Duaflex, and my discovery and love of Flickr as a place for show and tell! I have enjoyed meeting kindred spirits through blogging and learned so much in a year! Truly amazing!
To celebrate my 100th post, in the spirit of sew fab martha, I would like to sew an apron for one lucky winner. It was too hot to sew this past weekend (reminder, you need to iron to sew!) So, this coming weekend, I will pick the winner and sew the apron, similar to this one!
Here is the scoop: please leave me a comment on this post about what you like about sew fab martha. On Saturday morning, I will wake up and pick the winner randomly from the comments. Then, I will pick out the fabric and get to sewing!
(I don't automatically get email addresses from comments, so I think you need to check back on Saturday to see if you won or send me your email address in anticipation of your win!)
I'd love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah!! Hmmm, why I love your site...so many good reasons. One because you share the photography love I have, two because we are geographic neighbors, three becasue I feel a kindred connection to you, four because we both love all things vintage...should I go on?!

Hugs and congrats again,

Leanne said...

I have just found you with the photo swap but I love your photos...like you I started a sewing blog and found a love of photography..what a bonus.

Mary Jane said...

I love your site just because it's called Sew Fab Martha, and really is, So Fab Martha! I'm the same, I started my blog for knitting, but it's a challenge to keep it that way, I often find other stuff more interesting. I love the glimpses of my hometown that your wonderful images capture. Hooray for your new camera! Lucky girl.

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

It looks like the stars have aligned because that's quite a trifecta! Congratulations!! OK, things I like about your blog:
1) Your fab photographs
2) The fun things you find to do with your photos
3) The new ways you find to take photos (like TTV)
4) How the occasional non-photo craftiness mixes it up. (You wouldn't want to get to single focused now would you?)
5) How you interact with other bloggers & flicker members like myself. I've so enjoyed participating in photo challenges with you.

OK, I better get back to my vacation. "See" ya next week.

BatSpit said...

I love your photos, your friendly open writing, and your kick-ass style.

but really?

I love that you read my blog to your husband- it makes my day to know you think I'm funny enough to share :-)

Jackie said...

Well I am not about to turn down an opportunity to win a prize even though I have plenty of aprons. Yours however are lovely enough to give as gifts with all credit going to you of course! Congrats on this milestone, I love that your blog has wandered into your beautiful photographs. And I'm really looking forward to seeing where you go with your Duaflex!

Luna & Marnie said...

Congrats on your 100th post Martha! Your pictures are a visual treat! You are an artist that I am so blessed to call my friend. Love, Marnie

caliconurse said...

Hello! I'm fairly new to your blog but I'm enjoying reading it. Your quilts and photos are so lovely. I look for to reading the next 100 posts!

painted fish studio said...

congratulations on you 100th post! one thing that i love about trying to make an effort to document creativity is that it leads to things i have forgotten about... like your love for photography!

here's to 100 more posts! (i'm toasting you with diet coke)