Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blended threads

Two for two! This is such a fun and exciting project! Flickr group called 2 girls-2 clicks, started this week by the dynamic duo of mainemomma2007 and -andie- ! We create diptychs, a fancy name for pairing two photos together, with another Flickr member in the group. So one photo is ours and the other is our partner's. The diptych I created tonight, is a sewing thread photo by my new Flickr friend, Valcox, paired with a photo of one of my recent quilts.

If you like the Through the Viewfinder photos, you will find Valcox's photostream an inspiring and wonderful visual treat! She has been taking TTV photos for the past year and has some very interesting shots. She has definately learned how to carry that contraption around with her!!! Even to the train station!
Speaking of two,... two more days to leave me a comment on yesterday's post and be entered into the apron lotto!

I am really enjoying the comments on my blog! Thank you!


Val Cox said...

wow, thanks Martha for the wonderful comments. I feel very fortunate to be working as a pair with you in our creations!

Rachel said...

Wonderful photos - they look great together!