Sunday, November 29, 2009

Getting in the mood for Christmas

What a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend! We enjoyed time with friends, but sorely missed not being with family. I am tickled pink that we got our tree set up early this year, and went to work this morning putting it to use for some fabulous bokeh! Oh,... and I pretended that it was snowing just to put me in the mood while I was listening to 'White Christmas' and other old Christmas faves. Did you know that on Pandora Radio, that you can set up your own channel with 'seed' songs and artists,... so I set up a Christmas channel with seeds such as "Burl Ives - Holiday", "Danny Kaye - Holiday", "Bing Crosby - Holiday", "Ella Fitzgerald - Holiday",... well you certainly get the idea of what I am listening to when I am not dancing around to Bob Dylan's Santa song!


Erin Wilson said...

So lovely with the snow. You may even be putting me in the mood, and that says something! ;)

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

OK, I'm totally setting this up at work today.