Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town

-I recently have met several new, inspiring Flickr friends.
-Suzee Que is a gal who shares my passion for antique postcards, and has generously scanned and uploaded dozens of postcards onto her Flickr account.
-And now for a bit of whining. Snow in the northwest is beautiful on the lawn, but really a bother in the street, where there is still either eight inches of slush or six inches of compacted slush/ice today. I have given up on the idea of UPS or mail delivery this week. Today, we had hope, until we spotted our mail truck a half a mile from our house, stuck sideways in the ditch! And the UPS tracking on my package I have been tracking for over a week, now just reads: "Emergency conditioins beyond UPS' control".
-Tomorrow we will get back into the Christmas spirit! I promise!


Char said...

hope you receive your packages soon! Merry Christmas and I hope regardless of the circumstances, the warmest wishes for the best of days.

spread your wings said...

I sure hope your packages make it today. I have a few that aren't going get here in time - i'm going to just cut out a picture and wrap that. of course I know that doesn't really work for Santa. I hope all turns out well and you have a wonderful Christmas.
warm wishes

ELK said...

oh Martha what a nice photo of old St. Nick ~ have a wonderful holiday hang in there and stay safe!

painted fish studio said...

i hope the spirit has arrived, along with your packages!

Amy said...

Merry Christmas honey bunch! Darn about the package:( well....now you have something to look forward to I spose:) See ya on the other side of the holiday;) xo

Jovita said...

ohmigosh! i can never get enough of old postcards. wish i owned as many as i have in my photo library. i always knew you were a kindred spirit!