Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Looking for inspiration

Unfortunately, I cannot buy Christmas cards. This is because I have been making my own Christmas cards for the past ,... oh maybe 30 years! So, usually in the beginning of December I am struck with inspiration and an idea unfolds into a card in no time. This year, I am still throwing around ideas. Thinking about a photo, since that is my current passion, and tonight I thought maybe some kind of mosaic. So, we will see what ideas unfold in the next few days...... lots on that 'Christmas to do list' right now!


Char said...

love the vintage santa ornament!!! I have collected old world glass for a number of years. Hear's to an angel whispering in your ear for inspiration.

painted fish studio said...

i am the same way: handmade cards only. around turkey day i start to freak out over not having a great idea, but something always comes to me. you've got some beautiful photos to work with, i'm sure you'll create the perfect card!

Amy said...

How in the world will you ever choose which ones to use??? I'm too late to start on that, next year for sure:)looking forward to seeing what you decide!