Monday, September 29, 2008

What we love about Seattle:

Yesterday was a great double-header for us!
We went to the Friends of the Seattle Public Library booksale and scrounged up two bags of books at 50 cents a book,... and then hiked through Magnuson Park to the kite hill to relax and take in the last days of summer scenery!
Another pic on Flickr, of course!


painted fish studio said...

yay! what a wonderful day...

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

Did I ever tell you we almost moved to Seattle?

We had saved up money and everything. Then we realized we had enough for a down payment on a home and although we love Seattle, we like Minneapolis too.

andie said...

What a great day! We've been enjoying the beautiful, warm weather too. It's suppose to be over by Wed. though.
Love this ttv shot.

Jackie said...

How fun! You make me want to pack up the family and move to Seattle! And of course I will be heading to your flickr later to see more fab photos!
ps Love that postcard rack, love that price too!

Diane said...

Hey! It looks like summer there still!!!

I'm jealous.