Tuesday, September 23, 2008

$3 find of the day

Such a perfect treasure to dig up today! About a year ago, I saw that Pottery Barn carried some fancy schmancy postcard racks (for photos). Before that I had admired some vintage racks that a postcard-queen friend of mine had in her house. In the meantime, I had scoured ebay, but shipping made most racks too expensive again! A quick trip into one of my favorite thrift shops today and there was a $3 postcard rack! Certainly waiting for me! Just had to dust it off and decide which postcards to put on the rack! Voila! Fun, new way to display postcards in the house!


Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

That's brilliant!

painted fish studio said...

yay, great find!

BatSpit said...

awesome-ness. I'm going to start looking for one of my own!

marilyn said...

SCORE, martha!!
wow ... i need to scour the local
thrift shops! am wanting a similar sort of twirly-display for cards. i almost bought an expensive pottery barn one on ebay last year but could not bring myself to pay the price! yay for you!