Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Through the Viewfinder adventure

Okay, I have jumped onboard another fun photography craze discovered on Flickr, called Through the Viewfinder or TTV. It kindof reminds me of the fun, unpredictability that I had with Polaroid Time Zero Film manipulation!

So, I started out with finding a Duaflex camera on ebay, and then I met the friendly seller at a local Starbucks to pick up the camera! Then, I followed these very clear directions provided by Russ Morris. And Voila! Out into the garden I went to give it a whirl. Point your digital camera through the tube (contraption), which then focuses through the viewfinder of the Duaflex, to take a TTV shot!!! Very easy, and now I am sure I have yet another addicting hobby!
Thank you for the help and inspiration, Flickr friends!


Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

Crazy! I've never heard of such a thing. Pretty sure my parents still have a duaflex and I'm visiting them next week. Do you need to use a SLR to control the focus?

Angie said...

Yay, good job! You're off to a great start :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh those are SO great! I need to get to flickr and see these closer. Your obviously a natural!!

Fun, fun, fun.

Jodi Nordstrom said...

Let me try this again. Your new kick with the viewfinder is as always the delight of my day. Thank you!

Lil D said...

They look great. Nice job.

Jackie said...

Oh my goodness - I must look away or I will be hooked on one more thing as well. How fun, am always inspired by your pictures!