Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Looking forward to the weekend

Is summer really almost over? I am hoping for a few more summer (i.e. sunny) weekends and am really looking forward to this upcoming long weekend. Rumor has it, we may have sunshine this weekend! The rain has sobered me into facing the change of the seasons that is indeed approaching. (written as I listen to the rain pour down the gutters)
And what was I really thinking, when I signed up for the Flare Fridays group on Flickr!?!?!? That we would have sunshine once a week?


painted fish studio said...

i don't know how you make it thru all that rain. i wouldn't do well. good luck on flare fridays shots! :)

andie said...

Heehee, I thought the same thing too!! Sun is a rare occurance around here isn't it.
Oh we both need to come up with something rainy and flarey.