Monday, July 21, 2008

373 photos

Saturday evening, we decided to go to the annual Seafair Pow Wow at Discovery Park. I had gone about twenty years ago, and remember taking some great black and white (film) photos of the dancing. This pow wow is hosted by The United Indians of All Tribes Foundation and has hundreds of dancers and drummers from all over the United States. Pretty awesome three day gathering. Something in the cadence of the drumming touches you right down to your soul as you walk in from the parking lot and approach the event.
And now for the rest of the story. Well, as soon as we got settled in to a spot on the grass for the evening opening ceremony, my (hard) contact lens slipped and got stuck on the top of my (dry) eyeball. If you wear hard lenses, you know my agony at this point. Of course I only brought my camera. No mirror, no eyedrops. No mirror in the stinky Honey Buckets. So, I decided to tough it out, driven by my desire to take photos, even if that involved being half blind with the feeling of a piece of glass stuck to the top of my eye.
I am glad I stuck it out. Took 373 photos.
My other saga from the pow wow,.... is it left me with a great desire to get a DSLR camera!
Photos on Flickr. Larger and much easier to see.


Jackie said...

373 photos??? Holy cow! Maybe that's what I need to start doing - shooting a lot more. Sometimes i still have that film mentality where I don't want to shoot too many shots and use up the "film". Oh, you did get some fantastic pictures! I love seeing your images and thanks for the mutual photo encouragement!

Anonymous said...

You are a hardcore photo woman! Heehee, I'm sure we'd all do the same for a chance to get pics like the ones you took. Brilliant color and energy in each one!
So glad you had a great time.

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

Stinks about your contacts, but my oh my, did you get some nice photos. It must have been fabulous to see. The only pow wows I've been to have been on a much smaller scale.

Rachel said...

Oh wow - almost 400 photographs! And you were in agony! Impressive.

painted fish studio said...

yeah, 373 photos? holy cow. but the ones i've seen are wonderful...