Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I collect vintage photos too

Last week, I read a post by Scissors Paper Glue entitled 'I collect vintage photos' and was inspired tonight to take a pic of some of my vintage photos. I look for photos that are a bit unusual. I look for something to catch my eye, like the gal standing up with her crutch under her arm, the dude leaning on his airplane, the two couples cracking up in front of the camera! I got all of these a few years ago at the flea market held at the Puget Park Drive-In Theater. I love old photos!

Oh, and I recently figured out that I can take photos of photos! What a quickie compared to scanning!


Angie said...

Very neat! I just saw some good ones yesterday at an antique mall that I wish I would have gotten.

scissorspaperglue said...

these are all so great. i just got some more yesterday. 3 big bags full, i can't wait to go through them. email me your address so i can send you some.

Rachel said...

Great collection!