Saturday, May 24, 2008

Birthday Breakfast

Happy Birthday Breakfast was enjoyed by all! Somebody very special got to help me celebrate by drinking out of the bunnykins mug and eating blueberries to her heart's content!


Anna said...

Two? Very cute. Blueberries rock! (especially how they stain everything!)

heather said...

I'm pretty sure I had a mug very much like that when I was little...its so cute!!

By the way...I tagged you on my blog!
Feel free to participate if you want and no worries if you don't watn!

Wanda, Melania & Mishayla said...

Thank you, Martha! We had a wonderful time, and the blueberries were a big hit. It was wonderful of you to share part of your birthday with us! I'm happy to report the hungry bear overlooked us during the long weekend. I see you've been busy. C&B is a wonderful place. Wanda