Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Never too late for a macro

Day 29 of the April Macro challenge.
Tonight I shot
this macro of a candle in my grandmother's mirrored wall sconce. What ended up being a very fun surprise was seeing that my camera was in about half of the shots! So I really couldn't choose which was my favorite, and of course the answer to that is a mosaic! I must say I love making mosaics!
I have learned so much about photography with this macro challenge, and hopefully inspired a few of my friends to turn on the macro! I am guessing that I won't stop taking macros just because the calendar turns to May!
I found it a fun challenge to
take a photo every day, and to stay committed to that. Some nights at dinner, I would joke that I wanted to be excused from dishes because "honey, I have got to get my macro shot yet tonight!"
I will look for a new challenge for May to be sure. I learned so much about both photography and blogging!

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Anonymous said...

Fun, I didn't even see the camera reflection at first.